Welcome to the Nigeria Prison Service Payroll and Salary Administration Homepage.
Presently, This Service allows you the Oppotunity to ;
  • Real Time Access to online Payslip
  • Email Alert on Payment Notification
  • Data Track of Payment Schedules
  • Reported Documentation on Payslip History

CoSPA, the Payroll and Salary Administration Software that allows you an unristricted access to to your PaySlips Online.....

What Can I do with CoSPA Service Online
In a World of Fast and Growing Technology, There is no more need to Wait endlessly for your payslips or account records directly from your payment officer(s). Once you get a notification eithier by mail or by phone that your Salary has been paid, You can check and recieve your Payslip Online, RIGHT HERE>> .
With the CoSPA Online service, You have the opportunity to :

  • Receive First-Hand Monthly Payslip without delay
  • Reach Your Account Department fast through our (free email service) in case of errors.
  • Print Payslip Document
  • Generate a Log of your Payslips
  • Administer Payment Calculation On your Salary e.t.c

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